Humiliation, Plus Actual Women's Soccer News!

Hat Girl in net for Portland
Seriously. To see that the last post I wrote for this dear blog was in April and, worse yet, about a dude who played American football. Standards dipped, did they not?

I've decided to post today because I got all women's-soccer-excited yesterday, hearing about Nadine Angerer coming to the NWSL and playing for the talent-heavy Portland Thorns. Fantastic. I always get excited when American sports look beyond the borders of our continent, especially when that American sport is women's professional soccer. Will Angerer open the flood gates? Here's to hoping.

More exciting is the conspiracy theories regarding Angerer suiting up for the domestic league, and whether or not the Germans will use her experience and knowledge of the U.S. players to somehow gain an advantage come World Cup time. Ah, yes. We all remember the Germans sending the U.S. home--on our own soil, no less--during the World Cup in 2003, right? That team went on to lift the cup, and many (but certainly not a majority) of the German players on that team had spent a maximum of three years in the WUSA, that short-lived women's professional soccer league.

Other reasons to get stoked on women's soccer: Lindsey Horan's highlight reel. For anyone fearing Wambach's pending retirement, fear no more. We've got it covered.


Not a Fast Girl in Short Shorts: More on Alan Gendreau

More on Alan Gendreau, simply because he's rad. Also, like any good boy from the South, it turns out he loves Jesus. Good for him.


Three cheers for this fella.



Shut Up, Mom

I've been a little slow on football news, but still: Have you seen this yet?

Portland Thorns women's soccer team pulls T-shirt from sale

Imagine. Soccer moms already bringing the shit to and slapping the fun out of this new league.

In better news, check out the blossoming WoSo Shirt Company, and their much more clever "Me So Thorny" garb!


The German Women's National Team: A Jersey Retrospective, 'Cuz This Shit's Important

Aww! Remember these days?
And you know what? With the exception of the 2013 jersey, which is exceptionally high femme, and thus me approved, they're all sort of ugly. Plus, I'm pissed the DFB couldn't dig up one photo of Maren Meinert from back in the day?

Anyway, check it out: The Jerseys of the DFB Women, courtesy of dfb.de.


Rapinoe Is Your BFF and Ashlyn Harris (WTF?)

For all you Rapinoe fans out there, just in case you missed it:

19 Reasons Megan Rapinoe Would Make The Ultimate BFF

And you know what, Ashlyn Harris? Nineteen years ago--no, wait...far longer!--I was hoping and praying there would one day be someone like you on the pitch. Blonde, tattooed, a tough keeper. You know, all that shit I like. So here you are, and here I am, probably old enough to be your mom.