How many times now?

It's troubling to say. But think of what's hidden in the second fist held out before you: 8 hours of wasting your life. So, the goal here is to be slightly productive for at least 30 minutes of those 8 daily hours. However, as the title implies, I've been here before.

I wish I could fly. Maren Meinert and Bettina Weigmann will be playing with the Frauen Nationalmannschaft somewhere in France this month versus the women's FIFA All-Star team. Holy fucking fun. No dice, though, as Becky is not done with school until the end of June.

Conny's team tied with Heike-Rheine this weekend, opening the door to Frankfurt who are now breathing quite heavily down the backs of their necks. Ooh, not a good thing.

What else. Just post.

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