Gray sky, gray skin, gray socks.

Today's Dad's birthday party, but he turns 56 tomorrow. My dad is a curly haired, shaky hands, big bellied stud. He deserves the best day ever.

Part-time gig at IKEA with stern-faced German manager. Let's see how long this can last.

I'm feeling remarkably inadequate today. I'm not where I want to be creatively. I'm not where I want to be inspiration-wise. or even enthusiasm-wise. I'm just not where I want.

Fuck, if I turn this blog into a whining hellfest, forgive me. And allow me this moment to take the time to point out some things that are wonderful today:

1. Dad's Big Day
2. My two-year-old niece
3. Realizing that I need to get my writing shit together
4. Realizing that I need to get my professional shit together
5. Becky

For some reason the person that matters the most to me ranks number 5. What the fuck.

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