You are the bluest light

So, forgive the Bloc Party reference and take this time to focus with me now on the new Metric record, Live It Out. Do yourself the biggest favorite this week by making a point to go out and get it. It's amazingly superb, and Emily Haines is now secretly my second wife and doesn't even know it yet. Ha! Won't SHE be surprised!

You can see all things Metric here:


Wifey #1 just barely made it through her tonsillectomy. She's doing better now that we're a week out. She is forever fucking adorable wrapped in blankets on the sofa and equally heartbreaking when running high fevers.

Dogs are still crazy. And stinky.

I've got nine (9) days to have a full web site up and running. By the seat of my pants, thanks very much.

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