Notes from My Norwegian Friend on My Swedish Friend

Marianne writes:

"Now that the Holger Fach/Inka Grings fiasco has been laid to bed, let me say that someone we both know intimately has capture the hearts and hands of German journalists. Engstrom has snagged two separate headlines (tiny ones) in newspapers this morning, exposes on her new club and apparent new love life. It's dizzying the way the press here can hate you even before you arrive in their country, but as soon as you start fingering a native, you're all good in their eyes.

"She hasn't mentioned much about you-know-who, which makes me all the more suspicious. However, dinner tonight and god knows many drinks will be consumed, so I hopefully will have more to report afterwards.

"Don't suppose you've seen our record in stores near you? It's on Two Girls and A Tiny Pink Machine. Look for it, please, then let me know."

To Marianne:

Thanks for the info and let us know what happens tonight. Regarding your CD: Americans don't pay cash to listen to foreign lesbians making indie pop. Sorry.


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