Green Beer and Soda Bread

Happy St. Pat's from the land of the leprechauns. Well, the leprechaun-Americans, that is.

I was thinking this morning how unfortunate it is that I can so easily abandon writing projects like this one. And so guilt free. Well, I will abandon no more.

The short story is shaping up and is slowly but surely turning into a not-so-short story. This excites and terrifies. A very, very early version of said story will be published in an upcoming anthology edited by Dennis Cooper (!) called Userlands (Akashic Press). This is amazing news in so many ways. I have been very spoiled here and I know it. Not everyone gets their first-ever story submission accepted, especially not by one of their biggest writing idols.

Reasons why T Cooper's "Some of the Parts" disappointed:


"Hey, Isak?"




"No, it's nothing."

-Okay, that's all I can come up with. I guess that type of exchange is all I need to sit back and say, "What the fuck?"

Although I hear Cooper's new one is worth every penny in all of its hardcovered glory, but thanks...I'll pass on that.

Note to self: Not everyone named "Cooper" will make you happy.

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