On Marianne, On Deutschland, On Engström, On Die Deutschen


"Oh, that’s right. The Bush Administration. How can I forget about that! But still—could you find our CD?

"I’m thinking now how unfair it is that you ask me to report on Brishen and not Brishen herself to do the reporting. And why don’t you ask me about me? Am I not blonde enough? Smart enough? Provactive or beddable?

"In order to answer your non-questions to me, I provide the following:

"I am single but not abstinent. Prospects are most times easily bagged. Berlin is not as horrible as I had initially stated, but seems colder than Bergen. The band keeps getting better and our new drummer is both dedicated and breakneck. And despite football and her private life, Engström continues to put in 110%, which is appreciated by all in the band.

"Engström is pining away over the physiotherapist. She doesn't think there's a chance for anything, but I think she's being blockheaded. To quote wise words: "Die Deutschen flirten sehr subtil." (I forget what band.) Anyway, she's not getting this.

"German is the ugliest sounding language. Sorry it took so long to write back.


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