Transcript #1: B. Engstrom to Dr. Muller

D.M. - So do you remember where you were?

B.E. - Yes. I was in her bathroom.

D.M. - And do you know why you left for the bathroom?

B.E. - I had to get out of her bedroom. I just needed a place to sit and think by myself.

D.M. - Can you say more on this?

B.E. - It's not easy...it's hard to describe.

D.M. - Can you give me just one word to try to describe it? Just one.

B.E. - I don't know...

D.M. -

B.E. - Intense, I guess. It got very, very intense with the things she was saying and what she wanted from me.

D.M. - Okay.

B.E. - I just needed a moment. To be alone for a while. To not hear her talking to me.

D.M. - Do you remember what she was saying?

B.E. - Um...yes.

D.M. - Do you want to tell me?

B.E. -

D.M. -

B.E. - It's strange. I shouldn't have reacted like that, but it felt so inten...I felt really trapped.

D.M. - You felt trapped by her words?

B.E. - Yes. By what she was saying.

D.M. - Did you believe what she was saying? What she told you?

B.E. - No. Well, yes, I guess. I don't know.

D.M. - Had she ever said those things to you before?

B.E. - Yes, but not like that.

D.M. - How do you mean?

B.E. - She never said those things to me in a way that.... I don't know. It's all really hard to describe.

D.M. - So when did you decide to cut yourself? Had you already been in the bathroom, or did you know you were going to do it before you got there?

B.E. - I don't know. I can't remember.

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