A Pause from the 'Pause: Collin Clay Appreciation Day

I'm too tired to be anything close to a writer today. I may be too tired to be anything close to an editor, early a.m. commuter, or coffee drinker. Or should I just leave it at I'm too tired to be anything close?

Instead, let's give props where props are due.

Juha (a.k.a. Collin Clay)

Eye & Eye (A Brand New Jamaica)
Words and music by Collin Clay

eye for eye and tooth for tooth
leaves us very blind & hungry
i & i is truth & truth

will you still insist they were none among you
before the white man came?
see he didn't bring the batty love
he only brought the hate
tonight outside the dancehall
your man's little boy is scratching his head
& he pull a knife on your foul-mouthed wife
and this is what he says:

boom hi hi - it's me - dig your history up, gwan dig
boom hi hi - lest your so-called revolutionary
turn out to be nuthin but a pawn nig

eye for eye and tooth for tooth
may leave us very blind and hungry
but i & i, truth & truth –
just words you use, rastaman

the batty boys got less polite
as coffin expenses grew
you had stepped into an alley
just to take a toke or two
bad boys batty boys whatcha gonna do?
they had a friend you & your boys once met
and now you're all alone and they come for you
with a bigger iron for a bigger red

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