It is different in Kate's house. She and I are. In her house, I see her walk naked down the hallway to the kitchen and then into the bathroom. I watch her swirl coffee creamer in her cup with a finger, collect our towels from the bathroom floor. Every morning this week she has made me eggs: scrambled, then fried, omelettes, poached, and then on Friday there's French toast, which I know isn't an egg dish but it's close enough. She has three papers delivered every morning. I read the first sections of all. She is so unguarded that it's as though I've met a new woman.

She was dicing peppers, an onion for our omelette on Wednesday when she said, "This could seriously go on and on." Or maybe she didn't. Maybe it was something else but that's what I made it.

In my apartment, we are lovers fully dressed with only buttons and zippers undone. We are against walls, on the couch, the floor, away from the bedroom. We are record times in silence. She comes when she stops breathing, squeezes the back of my neck, her face in the wall or my shoulder.

But here it is different.


meg said...

1) your handwriting looks just like you. it makes me think that I never want to see a picture of you, in case i find out that i already know you.

2) you had to go and proove that your raw just-fresh-out-of-the-brain(heart) writing is that gorgeous, didn't you? No denying it now. Amazing.

3) ah, when is this? Did Kate steal Julia from Germany?

4) lovely lovely lovely stuff. All of it. But the last two paragraphs, from In my apartment, we are lovers fully dressed with only buttons and zippers undone to But here it is different. blew me away.

angela said...

1a. I've never heard this before, that you can look like your handwriting. Maybe now would be a good time to mention that what you see here is me writing very neatly, which is normally why I prefer a computer over a journal. Well, after looking again, maybe not VERY neatly, but definitely more legible than normal. And your comment has left me thinking, do I look like my handwriting? And I guess your answer is yes, sort of.

1b. Uh oh.

2. Didn't you want to see it? This part that I typed out, its the part that I actually think I'll work with. I wanted to post both pages (ooh...a whole two pages!) of writing that I did this weekend, but blogger didn't like the first page for some reason. I'll see if I can get it up now.

3. I can't tell you!

4. Thanks. You should be my agent!