I Swear It: Nothing Until July 10

Apparently, it's all I have time for.

Soccer starting at 9 a.m. via MatchCast. Soccer on ESPN 2 in the lunch room. Soccer in store displays, on the evening news, listed full-screen style on TiVo. And let's not forget my "Fantasy Football Team," Avon FC, which is doing rather pathetically in the rankings ("Fans of Germany") right now but will change tonight courtesy of Steven Gerrard's goal and me assigning him as captain.

Someone at work asked me, "So do you got World Cup fever?" and all I could do was stare at him. I couldn't even form words into a coherent sentence. And not because I was appalled by his total lack in ability to speak the English language, but because I was too busy thinking about Tomas Rosicky and Pavel Nedved, which one I should choose as skipper in their next match. (I entered the Fantasy Game late...I have points to make up!)

I haven't written anything since the last entry, "What Is This?" I'm feeling guilty, but not as guilty as I did when I rushed Becky out the door so that I could finally sit down and watch Germany vs. Poland uninterrupted. (Tsk on me, though. She was back in, like, 10 minutes.)

Wait—I have pictures, too.

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