Worth the Migraine

K: Oh, it’s air-conditioned now! Oh, but wait…where’s the light?
M: Don’t move too fast, okay?
J: Maybe if you walk in….
M: Just stay here with me for a bit.
J: …It’s on your right, maybe?
K: Um….
M: Just stay….
J: Farther in? Just behind the door?
K: Uh…ah! Here it is! You do know too much!
J: Do you want to go in? She says it’s air-conditioned.
K: Oh my god….
M: I don’t want to go in yet, no.
K: Where is everything?
J: What’s going on?
M: Will you stay with me?
K: Everything’s gone!
J: Everything? Even my art?
M: You’re not even listening to me.
K: It’s just…it’s empty?
J: What?
M: Just go. Leave me here.
J: I can’t leave you here. Come on.
M: No, just follow her. I’ll be in in a few minutes. I don’t want you to see me getting sick.
K: How did this happen?
J: Are you going to be sick now? Do you want me to stay?
K: Wait...this is unreal!
M: You’re not listening. Just go. Close the door behind you.
J: Call for me if you need anything?
M: Okay.
K: You have to see this!
J: Should I really close the door on her?
K: Look at this! This just happened right now. When I walked in, it was empty!
J: Okay.
K: It just revealed itself, like in a movie.
J: Whose house is this?
K: I don’t know, but it wasn’t here seconds ago.
J: What do you mean?
K: Did you see the concrete floors when I opened the door? Look now….
J: Hardwood.
K: But it wasn’t like this.
J: This is your house, I think.
K: What?
J: This is your house. It’s what your house looks like. Kate’s house.
K: How do you know that?
J: Uh, don’t ask.
K: Have you been here before?
J: Sort of. It’s hard to explain. Harder than explaining how concrete became hardwood, how nothing became an ultra-modern kitchen in white and royal blue, a metal backsplash…and those Swedish-looking sofas of yours over there.
K: Oh my god, I love my house! Where’s the bedroom?
J: I can’t remember. Can we check it out?
K: Oh my god…I will!
J: Hey, your fridge is empty! Oh, but your cupboards aren’t. Ooh!
C: Hello?
J: Hello?
K: Everything’s empty…all of these rooms! Well, there’s stuff, but not, like, live-in stuff. There’s, like, ready-to-move stuff.
C: Can I help you?
J: Um…I’m eating…your cookies?
C: Who are you?
K: Holy shit, get up here! My bed is huge! We have to have sex in it!
C: Kate?
J: Kate!
C: Is that her?
J: Uh…oh shit!
K: Hello?
C: When did you get in, and who is this?
J: Shit!
K: Oh….
J: Marianne!
K: I don’t…uh….
M: The door was locked again.
C: Marianne?
J: Are you okay?
K: …My husband?
C: What’s going on? We were supposed to go to the reception, right?
K: You look very nice.
M: Yeah, I could use some water maybe…? Oh, look at this!
J: I have a second shirt I can give you, too. But wait here….
C: Who is that woman? You know her, Marianne?
M: Ha, ha, ha! Chris! Oh, it’s so good to know that I still sometimes get what I want!
K: Hm. Yeah.
J: Here. It’s tap water because their fridge is empty, but it’s still water, just not very cold.
C: I’m sorry, but who are you?
J: …
K: …
M …
C: What is going on!
J: I’m sorry. I’m Julia. It’s really nice to meet you.
M: She’s my girlfriend.
K: What?
C: This is…what is happ…it’s nice to meet you, too. Welcome, I guess, to this really strange….
M: Julia’s my girlfriend.
K: She is not!
M: Yes. Yes she is.
J: Uh…ha, huh.
C: Well, why else is she here? What, is she your girlfriend?
K: What? No!
C: Are you staying, Marianne? We still have some of your things in the yellow room. I mean, if you want to stay, if that’s why you’re here, why you’re both here.
J: I know now why I smoked so much earlier….
C: Are you coming with me tonight?
K: I’ll just…uh…I’ll just go…get dressed.
M: I’ll take that shirt of yours now.
C: We’re going to be a little bit late, but it’s no big deal.
K: Um, okay.
M: You’re wearing two, huh?
J: Yes. Yes, and this is the reason?
M: Huh?
J: No, never mind.
C: I can leave you two….
M: No, don’t! I’m going to run to the bathroom and change. Talk him up, won’t you? She’s really sweet, Chris. Everyone that I introduce her to loves her. Kate especially.
C: Oh….
J: Ha, well….
M: Go on! I’ll be back….
C: So, how did you meet her?
J: Kate?
C: No, Marianne…Listen, I’m really sorry about earlier….
J: No, it’s no problem. I mean, me too. I’m really sorry about barging in like that. We didn’t know anyone was home, so….
C: No, see…and I wasn’t expecting visitors. I wasn’t even expecting Kate actually, but I’m happy you brought her with you.
J: Yeah.
C: So how did you meet? Oh, can I get you anything?
J: I’m fine, thanks. We met, uh…we met through Kate?
C: Oh yeah?
J: Yep. She, uh, introduced us at the café.
C: No kidding? And how do you know my wife?
J: I met her through Lisa Kennedy. I work with her.
C: Oh, right! Okay, it’s all coming sort of clear now.
J: Yeah? Oh, good.
C: Sure I can’t get you anything?
J: No, really. Thanks.
C: Are you two staying the night, or…?
J: I don’t think….
K: Okay, I’m ready!
C: Oh, good. We’ve got, like, a 40-minute car ride….
K: I need new clothes, maybe?
J: You look really nice. Wow.
K: No.
C: You do, she’s right. You have nothing to worry about.
K: Right. So, where’s…?
C: In the bathroom still.
J: I’ll check on her….
K: Oh, okay….
C: You look really nice tonight. I love you in that dress.
K: Is it too much for…what are we doing tonight?
C: The reception? Remember? I didn’t think you’d make it, though.
K: Oh? No, of course I’d make it….
C: What’s going on? Are you okay?
K: Sure.
C: Come here….
K: Oh….
C: What’s going on with you? Is your cell dead? It’s been two nights.
K: What? Oh….
C: I missed you, that’s all. I was worried, and I felt bad because of how we left things. I called Heather and the café…I called everywhere. I called your mom....
K: Don’t worry about me. I mean, you don’t have to.
M: Oh, come look at this!
C: I don’t have to, but I do. Are you sure everything’s…?
K: Um, hold on.
M: Quick, quick! Look it!
K: Uh...Chris….
J: Sorry.
J: Uh….
K: We should go, huh?
C: Are you guys staying? If so, I feel bad because there’s nothing in the….
M: Nah, we’re not staying, are we?
J: I don’t think….
K: Let’s go.
M: I’m just going to show Julia my bed…my bedroom first. Give her a quick tour. A quickie.
C: Woah, ha. Okay.
K: Let’s go.
M: Don’t worry about us.
C: Can you find your way out? Do you have a car?
M: Don’t worry about us.
K: Let’s go, Chris. We’re late.
C: Okay, okay. Nice to meet you, Julia.
M: ‘Nice to meet you, Julia.’ Wasn’t it?
C: Yes. Oh, you need some sleep, okay?
J: I got her.
K: I’m waiting!
C: Good night.
M: Good night! Goodbye! Goodbye!
J: Bye. Nice meeting…you.
M: …
J: …
M: Well, if that’s isn’t worth the migraine, I don’t know what is.

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