Day 6: Notes on Writing 50,000 Words in 30 Days

Okay. 3,066 words at a point where I should have very close to or over 10,000. So, there's much catching up to be done, but how I'm going to find this time to do this catching up is the real issue here.

No, no...I will find this time on my lunch break. One hour dedicated to grinding out more crap.

P.S. I hate my novel.

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meg said...

it doesn't matter if you hate your novel. You are in no position to judge. Yet. All that matters now is word count. You can love it later. Trust me. Don't think, just type. Your raw talent is all you need, leave your head out of it for now.
Maybe don't try to catch up. Maybe think of it as 2000 words per day rather than 1666. Still doable in two train rides? Then, if you want, you can get ahead this weekend. :)
Just type.