December in Review: First Reactions to the Break Up

“Hm. Okay. Mm, hm.”—My dad
“Well, I guess there’s no sense in recommending couples therapy.”—My mom
“Hi—mom told me.”—My sister
“Oh no! Are you going to be all by yourself now?”—My grandmother
“You need to open up your mouth and talk about these things…open it up!”—My other grandmother
“Shit, Angela, I’m sorry.”—Meg
“Holy shit! That’s fucked up!”—Joe
“Angela, you know, she sounds really fucked up.”—Jason
“Is that a good thing?”—My uncle
“Aaaange! What the hell is going on?”—Allyson
“Shit, shit, shit!”—Bridgette
“You two made such a nice couple.”—Jane
“I’m sorry to hear about your bad news.”—Karen
“Aw geez. Okay my first new agey words are, What is your phone number?”—Collin
“I’m so sorry.”—Enid

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