I don't know who you are, Ellen Wernecke, but I like your fancy words!


Dennis Cooper must believe in karma. The bestselling author used his clout as an editor at the Little House on the Bowery imprint to highlight fiction writers he found through his Weblog.

The result is a diverse collection, without common threads or themes, but turns the spotlight on a few writers who deserve books of their own: The delicate metaphors of Callum James’ The Bedside Table conceal a relationship going to pieces. Angela Tavares’ Fast Ones revolves around a friendship and a troubled girl. Mark Gluth rewrites a woman’s final days in The Late Work of Margaret Kroftis, and in James Champagne’s Kali Yuga a disgruntled Barnes & Noble worker takes us behind the scenes of the major chain and the customers it needs (but which he can’t stand).

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