Reconnecting With Old Heroes, Part 1: Picasso Trigger

Picasso Trigger

For me, the early nineties meant nothing but women in punk. There seemed to be an endless supply, constantly a new band to hear, seek out, buy a record. This is thanks to riot grrrl, and in turn thanks to the Runaways and the Go-Go’s and L7, all the bands that inspired young women to pick up instruments and make semi-melodic but sincerely fucking intense punk music. I don’t remember how or when I heard about Picasso Trigger, but I’m happy that I did. They were the only band that I knew from the south that got tagged as riot grrrl, but I never really heard the connection. The sensibility was there, yes, and there were two women in the band (Kathy Poindexter on vocals and Lisa Cooper on guitar, and let's not forget Samuel Mintu on bass as well as a small handful of rotating drummers), but if they actually considered themselves a riot grrrl band or were just stuffed into that box courtesy of the time and place of their mini-success, I’m uncertain.

Picasso Trigger, if you ask me, was just a really great punk band, with an I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck attitude and drunken southern swagger. I think I saw them either two or three times when they took the journey up to Boston (upstairs at the Middle East and TT the Bear’s Place, respectively). Each time they blew me away. I would pay money—big money—to travel back in time and take it in all over again.

Kathy Poindexter now fronts the indie-country band, Death & Taxes. And boy is it country. Here’s a few kind words about her new project from David Menconi of North Carolina’s News & Observer: “Kathy Poindexter used to be a screamin' punk-diva banshee around these parts with Picasso Trigger. She's still a diva but with the volume turned way down. Nowadays, she lives in Virginia, where she has a country band called Death & Taxes with another old Raleigh hand, Alysse Cullinan. Death & Taxes specialize in gothic Southern fatalism best heard from the business end of several belts of fine sour mash whiskey.” Awesome that she’s still making music that she loves, so check them out at www.deathandtaxes.com, even if country ain’t necessarily your thing.

(That's Kathy second from the right.)

Picasso Trigger albums already rebought: T’aint EP

Picasso Trigger albums still to rebuy: Fire in the Hole! and Bipolar Cowboy

Will forever remind me of: My bedroom in my parents’ house and old friends, namely Bev Chartier as well as Lauren Smith and her then-boyfriend Chris.

From YouTube, a Picasso Trigger Video!
Picasso Trigger’s “Rub A Dub” from Fire in the Hole!

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