Reconnecting With Old Heroes, Part 2: Donita Sparks

Donita Sparks

In retrospect, it’s upsetting—how important drugs and cigarettes were to me when I was…uh…younger. Seriously, I sold everything. Everything! Including a shitload of really, really good CDs and cassettes (look it up, kids) that I really wish I hadn’t.

I rebought most L7 recordings about four or five months ago, with only a few more to go: Smell the Magic and the self-titled record on Epitaph. And how happy was I, when Googling one of my most favorite female vocalists ever, to realize she—Donita Sparks—was indeed still making music? And with L7 drummer Dee Plakas to boot?

Oh, Donita, how I loved you. I was 16 or 17; you were on stage and older, an intoxicated mess on David Letterman, singing “Pretend We’re Dead." You reminded me of Leather Tuscadero, my first crush ever. I don’t know why, can’t explain. You just did.

So Donita has a record on the way. I think the name of her new band is Lazlo, but then again, I’m not too sure. The music has changed, most definitely, but her crackpot sense of humor and dirtied good looks have not. And for this, I thank the fucking heavens.

I’m pretty sure she’s (or they’re) playing SXSW this year, so that’s good news. They also need to play shows outside Los Angeles soon—like, really soon. But I understand the true importance of timing, so I’ll wait for the album to come out first. Yeah, so let’s make that happen already.

Oh, so cute!: The old Donita, right before she whipped her tampon at an unsuspecting crowd

Do Not Miss This YouTube Goodness

Donita Sparks/Lazlo “Infancy of a Disaster”

So this goes out to all those assholes: L7—“Wargasm” live in Brazil:

Also check out Donita’s blog at www.firedoglake.com

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