The Great Potsdam Exodus

Turbine Potsdam, last season's German champions, has essentially been stripped bare of all star power. We're talking national squad players exiting by the barrel full here, and presently sitting not so pretty in fifth place in the women's bundesliga, you have to wonder just what Coach Schröder's wondering. And it's probably a quite simple, "Oh, shit."

Let's recap:

Early in the Season 2006-2007

Viola Odebrecht

Viola returned from a year (I think) of college in the States, where she played for the FSU Seminoles, and immediately went on to Iceland to wear the colors of Valur Rejkjavik. Upon her return to Germany, she signed with FCR Duisburg, and Potsdam fans worldwide could hardly contain their anguish. Well, maybe not worldwide. But, whatever. I was heartbroken.

New superstar teammates: Inka Grings and Sonja Fuss.
New superstar teammates on the up and coming: Annike Krahn and Fatmire Bajramaj
Decision to move: Brilliant. Duisburg will probably be the only team to stay hot on the heels of league-leaders FFC Frankfurt. That's right—there's a gleam in her eyes for a reason.

Britta Carlson

I don't think Britta played a minute for TP this season, having signed on with Wolfsburg, following the lead of Potsdam's Brazilian stars, Christiane and Paula. Courtesy of Carlson and Odebrecht's departures, the team now has a huge fucking hole in their midfield, one I don't think has yet to be filled.

New superstar teammates: Martina Müller, Navina Omilade, and Christiane.
New superstar teammates on the up and coming: Stephanie Ullrich.
Decision to move: With the recent signing of Navina Omilade, Wolfsburg should have a pretty good showing for the latter half of this season. But next seaon Wolfsburg should be the team to watch.

Winterpause/Restart of Season 2006-2007

Ariane Hingst

Well, well, well. When the captain bails on the ship, my friends, it is most certainly sinking. As Mittag returns home from Sweden, Hingst goes up to Stockholm's Djurgården/Ålvsjö. This may have been the straw that broke the camel's back, seeing that the news on both Pohlers and Omilade followed almost immediately.

New superstar teammates: A gazillion—Victoria Svensson, Kristin Bengtsson, Jane Törnqvist, and Bente Nordby.
New superstar teammates on the up and coming: Not too sure.
Decision to move: Ideal. It will be the most interesting to see where Djurgården plays Hingst, either in the midfield or on the back line. I love the idea of her sandwiched between Bengtsson and Tornqvist, and I bet Sylvia Neid does, too. It seems strange to place so much on one player's entry, but this should firm up the team for solid competition in the race for the Women's European Cup. And hey—doesn't everyone love a German in Sweden? Oh, I know I do.

Navina Omilade

If I'm reading my German right, Navina either has or will be signing with VfL Wolfsburg, joining old teammates Britta Carlson, Christiane, and Paula. With the rejoining of Omilade and Carlson in the midfield, Wolfsburg should look pretty damn sharp.

New superstar teammates: Martina Müller, Britta Carlson, and Christiane.
New superstar teammates on the up and coming: Stephanie Ullrich.
Decision to move: This came as a huge surprise to me, only because I half expected Omilade to follow Pohlers to Frankfurt. Either way, it's a good one.

Conny Pohlers

Frankfurt?! She goes to FRANKFURT?! You know, I don't get this. I don't care how many friends she has there or how fancy they look sitting in first place. Go to Essen, Conny. Go to Duisburg. Go to SWEDEN. Go anywhere but Frankfurt.

She goes to Frankfurt.

So, the team is solid on almost all fronts, and where Pohlers is going to fit in sort of mystifies me. She will not replace Birgit Prinz or Sandra Smisek up top. She will not replace Renate Lingor, Kerstin Garefrekes, or Louise Hansen in the midfield. So, unless someone is hurt or retiring soon, I can't quite figure out the line up. But I'm sure there's a space because at this point in her career, she's not giving up starter status to sit on a bench. The only (and I mean only) good news about this is that Conny will be rejoining old Potsdam teammates Petra Wimbersky and Karolin Thomas, and maybe there's potential for her to go pro again.

Otherwise, honey, this is where I get off. Fuck Frankfurt.

New superstar teammates: Silke Rottenberg, Renate Lingor, Steffi Jones, Sandra Smisek, "Golden Girl" Nia Künzer, Kerstin Garefrekes, Tina and Pia Wunderlich...pretty much the whole fucking squad. They're the Chelsea FC of women's soccer, minus all that money.
New superstar teammates on the up and coming: Sarah Günther and Petra Wimbersky.
Decision to move: For Conny's sake, hopefully a good one. And the way I see it, there is no way Frankfurt will not be in the Euro Cup finals next year.


Collin said...

Okay. I confess it had been a trot since I read your blogs. Went to rectify that problem today, and my Lord - I feel like I have just seen another side of you, a side that in fact is a gigantic side. You know this shit inside and out. "If I'm reading my German correctly"?!! YOU KNOW GERMAN? Did you learn it just to read up on these chicks? You're scary, Angela. Scary and delicious.

Angela said...

Of course I speak German! I mean, a little German! I mean, this is really the only thing I need to know:

Ich weiß, dass ich nackt bin; könnten sie mir vielleicht einfach sagen, wie ich wieder zurück zum Hotel komme?

(I know I'm naked, could you just tell me how to get back to the hotel?)