Notes From Collin, No. 1

i just realized that i really have an issue with the Great Space Coasters' theme song line, "going to the other side - where only rainbows hide." if the rainbows are hiding there instead of coming out, who the fuck wants to go there? maybe they meant that though on earth monsters hide everywhere just ready to pounce, on "the other side" you're pounced "only" by rainbows, which is better. but it's just not that clear. it sounds like they're saying "our monsters don't hide here, they're out in the open, ready to eat you. but on the plus side, we have some rainbows hiding in the bush. no, they don't come out, but we just like knowing they're there." and then they get eaten. they wonder why our generation turned out the way it did. well let it be known and quoted from here unto the Other Side: "we were taught to hate rainbows."

i inherited this from my mom and grandma, the analyzing sentence structure. my grandma was a woman who READ the dictionary - she came from a line of folks who were intent on mastering english to pass as white (and soon did). my mom just picked it up and ran with it. she was a french teacher who also speaks a bunch of other shit - she just has a knack for language - but english? when we have a conversation and i do some wrong grammatical shit, i see her silently panic and attempt to concentrate on the story, but her mind keeps wanting to say, "'It's Erin and I', not 'Erin and me.'" i'm exaggerating a little. i don't give a shit about grammar but i'm obsessed with makin CLARITY. and this is why the theme song is now gonna drive me crazy. i think i'm a little ocd. but again: it's in the blood.


Samara said...

I've been cyberstalking you for the past week and a half. 75% of that time was spent trying to find something clever to say. Yeah. Obviously, 've come up empty, so ... what's new?

xx s

Angela said...

Sorry...are you looking for Collin, or are you looking for me?


Samara said...

dude. I was your roommate freshman year. I'm crushed that I'm not at the forefront of your memory. 'Specially as I always think of you when Bikini Kill comes up on my shuffle.

If you feel like catching up you can email me at samara.levenstein@gmail