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Six months ago I was using this space to copy and paste lyrics and sentences from novels that I felt applied to me, my life, and my emotions. This was a fun journey, looking through them all again (especially Metric's "Live It Out," which is such a brilliant song, but how I felt that one fit I'll never guess). It's nice to sit and think and find what I'd identify as an obvious progression. It's nice to be past the sharp rocks, the ones that, if you were to fall, it'd take you minutes if not hours to get back up, assuming you were lucky enough to pull through. I know there are so many more to pass, but for the first time in a while it feels easy, like coasting.

Worst recovery metaphor ever, by the way. Jesus christ.

And in the name of this blog's new face, one that showcases the writing of everyone but me, let's move forward to "Stolen Car" by Carina Round. You can hear the track on Carina's website.

I've been trying to keep my breathing even and low, afraid that at any moment this bubble could burst.


Carina Round—"Stolen Car" from Slow Motion Addict

Treated my body like a stolen car
12 story building drop
I didn’t mean to be looking for you
But its cold in the alley and my life’s a mess
There's a room on fire in the back of my brain
Been searching through faces
But they're all the same

My mouth burns up when i try to speak
Something about you makes me feel so weak
I can't seem to find what i came here for
You know we could be lovers but i just want more
My arms are open but you play with me
A sweet striptease

You stand there waiting for the blood to drain
Too long waiting for a day that never breaks
Watching it pass like a speeding train
Hold me now or
Run run run run

I give up the fight
Tonight my body is an open mouth
I just have to know right now
I don't want to be the one
Who let you go

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