How You Doin', Young Lady

Two things happened at the Nelly Furtado show that surprised me:

1. I did not cave and buy her $55 hooded sweatshirt.
2. I was a little bored.

Now, I love Nelly--her music, her face, the way she wiggles when she dances--but when I told my mom last night that I could have brought my 3 1/2 year old niece, it was not a joke. Her show was very, VERY kid friendly. To Karin, I said, "It's like we're watching a live taping of the Mickey Mouse Club." She even had her backup singer cover Mr. Mickey Mouse Club's "SexyBack" while she changed off stage, and again...the sanitized, kid-friendly version.

Nelly was upbeat, gracious, kissy, wavy, thankful--everything. Apparently, she LOVES Boston and told us this repeatedly. But when she did Timbaland's "Give It to Me" and then her own "Promiscuous," something was lacking. Her sassiness and sexiness that's so easily captured on film, maybe. Still, Nelly was quite focused on putting on a great show, and despite the 20-minute, ballad-only segment in which she wore a dark formal dress, she was upbeat and full tilt.

She also sang a song about soccer, but the people at BU gave her a hockey jersey to wear during this performance, forcing her to comment, "But this isn't anything close to a soccer jersey." Her dancers could have been wearing Revolution jerseys, although it was hard to tell from my distance, not to mention all the flashy, neon lights in my eyes. During this song, the dancers tossed out inflatable soccer balls while Nelly took out a marker and signed a real one, paced across the stage looking for a worthy recipient, and then gently tossed it--a girly toss--toward a mini-sea of outstretched arms and hands.

I couldn't remember what time the last train was on a weeknight, so I grabbed Karin and made us leave one song into the encore. This means I missed "Maneater." This means I missed my favorite Nelly track. This wound is slowly healing.

Some pictures for you, taken with my cell phone. That's right—only the best for you guys!

The Nelly stage, with curtain and people sitting patiently but in extreme anticipation.

Maybe some people you know. Her backup singer's name is Jasmine, just like the Disney princess.

Nelly! Tiny, mini Nelly!

Picture courtesy of The Boston Globe, so you can actually see the way she looked on Tuesday night. Fucking flawless, indeed.

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collin said...

Nelly looks like Sophia Loren in the Globe photo. Do check the Wikipedia entry on Sophia for verification purposes. In your pictures, she also resembles various insects. I bet you so just left early to have sex, Kinky McFink. "The train." You have a car. Taking the train is a brilliant way to plan an excuse, I gotta give you props on that.