Dating Sexy Evil


From: xxxxx sxxxx
Subject: Re: Teleportation
Date: July 03, 2007 09:22:29 AM PDT
To: Angela Txxxxxx

>>>>>>>>Angela Txxxxxx wrote: So what would you like to do with me?

>>>>>>>On Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 05:51AM, "xxxxx xxxxx" wrote:
>>>>>>>>I thought you had plans

>>>>>>>Angela Txxxxxx wrote: I don't. Do you?

>>>>>>On Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 05:56AM, "xxxxx xxxxx" wrote:
>>>>>>>I do not

>>>>>>Angela Txxxxxx wrote: Well, consider this an official invitation to make plans with me. I am totally and entirely yours.

>>>>>On Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 06:18AM, "xxxxx xxxxx" wrote:
>>>>>> you feel like staying in or going out?

>>>>>Angela Txxxxxx wrote:
>>>>> I could be persuaded on either option! Have anything special in mind?
>>>>>I don't care what we do, just as long, at one point during the night, I get to put my hand in your pants and feel you very, very wet. It's my only requirement of the evening.

>>>>On Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 07:21AM, "xxxxx xxxxx" wrote:
>>>>>How about I make or buy you dinner and then we can work on
>>>>>what is required for the evening?

>>>>Angela Txxxxxx wrote:
>>>> This sounds very, very good to me. Especially the latter half.
>>>>You're leaving work around 3-ish? I just need to mow the lawn. Do you want to see me before or after this happens? The mowing?
>>>>God, I want to see you RIGHT NOW. Magically appear, damnit!

>>>On Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 08:00AM, "xxxxx xxxxx" wrote:
>>>>If I really could magically appear anywhere in the world right now
>>>> it would be Angela's cubicle, XXX Research. Boston, MA.
>>>> Honestly that would be it,
>>>> not some beautiful island or Stevie Nick's house.

>>>Angela Txxxxxx wrote:
>>> You'd have to warn me first, though. I have to clean for you!
>>>I can't believe I got placed higher than Stevie's house!

>>On Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 08:08AM, "xxxxx xxxxx" wrote:
>>>How dirty can your cubicle be?
>>> Odds are that She is not home right now, I bet her house is
>>> super awesome though.
>>> Still, I would go to you first, give you a quick kiss and then
>>> head to Stevie's.

>>Angela Txxxxxx wrote:
>> Well, there's some paper clearing that needs to happen before you teleport yourself to my side. Not too, too much, but enough.
>>Bxxx would be so freaked out, it would be hysterical!
>>Okay, conversation that would undoubtedly unfold:
>>A: Hey! That was fast!
>>X: That's why they call it 'teleporting.'
>>A: Right.
>>X: Okay, I don't have much time. Kiss me.
>>A: Wait--where are you going?
>>X: Stevie's.
>>A: Stevie's?!
>>X: Yeah. Since I can teleport, I don't need keys.
>>A: Oh, fuckin' a.
>>X: Yeah. So, hurry.
>>A: That's not breaking and entering?
>>X: Just entering, I guess, seeing how nothing will get broken.
>>A: Okay.
>>X: Come on. Lay it on me.
>>A: When will you be back?
>>X: (Grumbling.)
>>A: You're a sexy motherfucker.
>>X: I know I am.
>>It's fun as hell to make you talk, dude!

>On Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 08:54AM, "xxxxx xxxxx" wrote:
>>I was thinking that the conversation could also go like this:
>> A: Hey! What the hell?
>> X: Something wrong? I thought you wanted to see me.
>> A: Dude, you where supposed to warn me.
>> X: Ha, I know.
>> A: Look at all this paper I need to clear.
>> X: The paper can't clear itself ? Stupid paper.
>> A: My cubicle mate is freaking out.
>> X: Really? Oh...I hadn't noticed.
>> A: Are you ever going to kiss me?
>> X: Just ran out of time, I have to go now.
>> A: No wait.

>Angela Txxxxxx wrote:
> I can't believe you'd come all the way to Boston and not kiss me. This is an evil screenplay, Xxxxx Xxxxx!

On Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 09:06AM, "xxxxx xxxxx" wrote:
>You know I am evil and therefore will write evil screenplays.
> Plus...All the way to Boston.
> Dude, I teleported...it wasn't that hard.

Angela Txxxxxx wrote:
>Still! What kind of screenplay are you writing when there's kissing to be done, but you stop the kissing with lines like, "Just >ran out of time, I have to go now."
>People will be THROWING SHIT at the movie screen.
>Mine's much more satisfying to the general audience. Yours is good for a torture movie. You have to admit this.

On Tuesday, July 03, 2007, at 09:22AM, "xxxxx xxxxx" wrote:
For the audience to be like WHAT! NO WAY!
that can't be it, there has to be more and then
they start throwing shit. This is what I want,
because I am evil.

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collin said...

"I don't care what we do, just as long, at one point during the night, I get to put my hand in your pants and feel you very, very wet. It's my only requirement of the evening." Lesbians are gross perverts, that's what my big throbbing dripping cock tells me.