Germany Advance to the WWC Finals

For someone who has such a perpetual hard-on for women playing soccer, you think I would have used this last month as nothing but a source of inspiration for blog entries. Alas, I did nothing but watch.

So, yes, I'm starting late, but at least I'm starting. Germany dismantled the shakey Norwegian team today in China, beating them 3-0, with a little extra help from Trine Rönning's own goal in the 42nd minute. The Sexy World Champs, or the SWCs, will be waiting on the winner of US vs. Brazil, which goes down tomorrow morning.

I'm giving the nod to the Brazilians tomorrow who I think will tactically outsmart our clumsy Americans by the buckets full. Germany will go on to beat them on Sunday morning, playing the Brazilians physically and aggressively, knowing that it'll only be a short time before they lose their cool and start conceding stupid fouls.

Deutschland über alles!

From the quarterfinals:

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