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On behalf of our mother and ourselves, the children of Robert Moore Sr. would like to make the following statement:

We want to express our thanks to the members of the Needham Police and Emergency Services Departments, the Massachusetts State Police, the Boston Medical Examiner’s Office, and all of the many other dedicated professionals involved in the response to the attacks at our parents’ home last Friday; without exception they have been effective, responsible, and kind. Along with the Lanigan family, we thank the staff at Beth Israel Deaconess for caring for our Beba as if she were their own.

Our father has been described in some reports as an elderly man; in truth he was a great old guy, very much alive in his very rich life. He was a smart, great-hearted, funny, sentimental, and incredibly generous human being. And his loss is beyond telling. A moment’s encounter with a terrible darkness may have ended his life, but it touched nothing essential about him: he remains a radiant light.

Regarding the person who did this, there is only this to say: our hearts ache for the grief and horror of his family, and we wish them healing and peace.

Finally, we request that the members of the media respect our privacy. We are deeply appreciative of the thoughts and prayers of the larger community that shares our shock and sorrow, but we are private people, and we are heartbroken. Our father would thank you for turning from the door, and leaving us to the long work ahead.

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