Linda, Inka, and Martina: Oh my!

Dear Golden Girls,

How in god's name have I missed this one for so long? I'm serious—how did it get by me? Why was I not notified? How did Linda and Inka get on the same team again, with Linda no longer banished to the mid-tier? How is Martina Voss the assistant coach of this team, featuring both Inka and Linda? Hadn't she been kicked off the squad during Euro 2001 for essentially losing her cool over Inka's unfaithfulness, and wasn't this unfaithfulness with Linda? Am I missing the inherent purity of this photo, coloring it red with all my misinformation?

I wanted to Photoshop an image of Holger Fach in here someplace, but as it is, the team photo is so fucking priceless, why bother making it a mess.

I'm half hoping the German tabloids are tearing this one to shreds, but then again I don't. And then I do.

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Baze said...

Please refer me to more about this love triangle, I haven't heard about it as I'm new to following the Frauen Bundesliga.