Late to the Game: Really Good Music I've Only Now Stumbled Upon

The Age of Nero

Click me for consistently good metal, with black metal roots. Don't get me wrong—I love these guys—but Satyricon, after having heard the last two albums, is good at one thing and one thing only: being Satyricon and not swaying from their "new" Satyricon sound. There's little progression or growth found on "The Age of Nero," but I don't think I need it. The recipe's fine as it is. (Also, this one came out only last month, so I've really missed only little.)

Toothless and Fanged

Literally just found these guys yesterday, courtesy of the Cursed blog. They're from Poland and they sound like Skitsystem, so my fascination with European hardcore punk has been rekindled.

Death Before Disorder

There are some Seein Red elements found in Mönster, I think, which is what really grabbed my attention. I'm not talking mirror reflection, I'm just talking reminiscence. Loving it.

December Wolves
Blasterpiece Theatre

So, so unfortunate I missed this band's heyday, especially since they're local. This album is everything that's good and exciting about metal music. Shame on me.

Black Thunder

Seriously, I don't know how I missed this. What was I doing in 2005?

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