Memories, All Alone on the Green Pitch

Check out that beautiful goal my Mary Frances Monroe around 0:49, Angela Hucles DDT on Jackie Little at 1:06, Mia Hamm roughing up the untouchable Maren Meinert at 1:08, and the amazing typo at 1:15. Karina LeBlanc for the Breakers! Dagny Mellgren! Bettina Weigmann! Stephanie Mugneret-Beghe!

Boston Breakers V. 2 have much to live up to. Here's to watching them kick it all off at home this coming Saturday, and hoping memories like these are soon to be in the making.

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JordanCornblog said...

Thanks for this - loved your commentary on the video - and posted about it this morning!

Go Breakers!