Breakers Lose a Big One, Hucles Gone for Good From Pro Soccer

I guess all good news comes with the bad: On Tuesday, October 13, the Boston Breakers announced that Angela Hucles is retiring from professional and international soccer. Here's Angela's take on the topic:

I always wanted to involve myself in things I was passionate about and give 110 percent,” said Hucles. “I feel like I’ve come to a point where I no longer can give that much and I know that there are other players who are ready to step up to the plate in order to bring the World Cup trophy back to the U.S. and carry on the growth of professional women’s soccer in the United States as well.

This makes me sad, but then it doesn't. There are plenty of, let's say, "experienced" U.S. players who still haven't thrown in the towel and exist now only a slot fillers, providing little impact to the game. I'm sure, though—or at least hope—that they're selling some tickets for the WPS, although certainly not enough.

Hucles was a solid player who had stellar, shining moments throughout her career. Whatever it is she'll be giving 110% to now, I wish, and I'm sure the rest of the Breakers fans, too, her the very, very best.

Now, with Hucles, Mitts, and Rodriguez gone, this leaves Tony and crew to fill some major, starting-lineup spots. Whether or not Smith will come back to play in the States, we'll have to wait and see. Good to read that Jennie Nobis is getting some non-stop Swedish action right now because that's only improving her already pretty damn good game. The Breakers have also apparently "agreed to terms" with inaugural season standout Tiffany Weimer (who can start either as a forward or midfielder, I'm guessing) and Erika Hutton (who may be on tap to fill the empty hole Mitts has left behind now that she's on her way to Philly). That said, captain Kristine Lilly will most likely come back for a try at winning the title, but she has to be thinking about calling it a day now that she's pushing 40 (40, dude! Come on!). And then there's the question of Fabiana, who, courtesy of injury, never had the chance to leave her mark and now sits ready for the taking as a free agent.

That said, 2010 should bring a new face to the Boston Breakers, but since the face from 2009 was lacking some key and vital features, this can only make for a prettier picture. Lamest metaphor ever, thank you very much.

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