Atlanta Beat signs first German in WPS

Welcome, Shelley Thompson.


espihir said...

Yay! German's will definitely add an edge and competitiveness to the league! Atlanta's team is looking really good...especially with Umea's deadly duo up top, Rasmussen and Bachmann.

angela said...

I can't wait to see this Atlanta lineup. As soon as I heard about Thompson, and then Bachmann, going to the Beat, I bought tickets for when the team will be up in Boston. I just have to see this in person, see if it's really all it's chalked up to be.

Next Germans: Anja Mittag, Simone Laudeher, Nadine Angerer, in that order.

angela said...

Laudehr. Laudehr. I'll get it right more consistently once she's playing for the Breakers. Ahem.