When Linda Bresonik Comes to Boston

(Which, okay, I know it's extraordinarily likely that she just fucking won't, but, whatever—bear with me.)

Tony DiCiccio, let's hope, will not be her coach.
She can wear Puma instead of Hummel (although I bet she'd prefer Hummel).
She can drink Diet Coke here, too.
She'll guarantee Cox's spot on the bench.
She'll love Jamaica Plain.
Hell, she just might love Provincetown.
She can scoff at the numbers on the pitch at Harvard Stadium.
She could wear the captain's armband. I mean, she could.
I will go to the games again.


Anonymous said...

Very interested entry. Where did you find this picture??

Anonymous said...

Oh, shoot...you'd think I'd remember, wouldn't you? But I don't. And I apologize.

Thanks for stopping by, though!

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful woman.