WWC 2011 Ridiculous Predictions: Team France—Possibly Less Chokey, Less Drama Queeny, Than the Men

I base this on the following ridiculousness:

1. Eight players from Olympique Lyonnais, which, let's admit it, really sorta beat the hell out of Potsdam in the Champions League final, even though said team has fewer national team members, which, in the grand scheme of things, probably means very little at the club level. Or not. Think of it: Team France has eight players who've worked together for months and make football pretty and tough, like a Joan Jett video, friends. And, sure, Lyon had Schelin on the pitch, which only helped seal the deal for Lyon, but wouldn't you want Schelin on the pitch? Wouldn't you? Huh, Sundhage? Maybe over Rodriguez? And maybe over Cheney or Morgan. Admit it. You would.

2. Don't know why I worked Schelin into a post on Team France. She speaks French, though. And she's pretty fucking awesome.

3. Abily, Abily, Abily.

4. Team France once had Marinette Pichon and Stephanie Mugneret-Beghe. This, IMO, make them epically good. I don't care what you say about this.

5. Abily, Abily, Abily.

6. Camille Abily can control the midfield in a way I'm afraid few others cannot. Looking at you, Hingst. You, too, Boxx, so don't front. Let's see what you bitches can do.

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