Alex Morgan and the Twisting and Turning Endorsement Deals in Her Wait

Alex Morgan gets it done for Team USA in their semifinal match against America's Hat. Did you not think it was going to go the opposite way, what with Christine Sinclair being the hat-trick super-stud of the match? No, of course you didn't, you good, red-blooded, meat-eating American. Of course you predicted this outcome.

Well, I didn't, but here we are. And now I have the perfect excuse to post a sexy picture of Ms. Morgan herself.

World Cup 2011 final rematch coming soon and all. Let's hope that, you know, we put the ball in the net more consistently. 

There's much to say about France vs. Japan, and that amazing game, and how badly France wanted it, and how close they got but didn't, but I'm not ready yet. I just can't. It hurts, it stings, it hurts!

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