Das Bizarre Update: Inka Grings Says Goodbye to International Football, Linda Bresonik Packs for Paris

"Ar har, har, har, har!"
It's been too long since there's been news on Das Bizarre, and now, here it is (late-breaking news breaking later): Inka Grings is hanging up her boots for the German women's national football team, and Linda Bresonik has signed with the ladies side of Paris St. Germain.

Courtesy of womensoccer.de and Google translate, thanks so much:

Inka Grings declared retirement from national team

PSG confirmed Bresonik commitment

Life, I'm guessing, is super sweet for Grings at FC Zurich with Fraulein Sonja Fuss (the best minute of this clip, by the way, is how dubious Fuss looks about the whole thing, around 0:46), and why leave that to train with kids when you're pushing 34. I say sleep in on  Saturdays. For Bresonik? Better wine and cheese, in a land where both women and men do amazing things with their mouths. Presumably, the perfect transfer for Linda.

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