FIFA U-20 WWC: Brazil Reminds Us, Even on Their Exit, That Soccer Socks Are Sexy When You Wear Them Sexy

Okay, okay—do their socks not remind you of thigh-high stockings slipping off? Seriously, do I need therapy?

But to jest no more, I'm sad to see them out of the tournament, only because here's this team with fantastic individual talent, right? Ketlen and Carol and Luana and Thais Guedes and more. The lot of them. Now, it's on my agenda to do a bit of research to see just how much money they get in Brazil to support their development, and I know it's not much, but imagine if they had consistent finances from their football federation. And this isn't the only women's soccer team that is suffering from lack of funding. We could look States-side, too. We could look and compare all football nations with national women's teams.

I have no focus here, really. I want to see this game thrive for women. And if you're here reading this still, you likely do, too. 

Or you're just hot for Brazilian girls, and good on you.

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