FIFA U-20 WWC: Canadians Move the Ball Like Studs

Studs like hugs.
Everything I said earlier about how fearful the world should be of Japan and how they're securing their positions as a true force in women's soccer--if not one of the forces, a true effing powerhouse, in women's soccer--let me now apply this to the Canadians. It's exciting, I have to admit, as a fan of this game. And how can you not be excited if you are? Watching Team Canada move the ball around with composure, with precision, was a true pleasure, friends. The possession! The creativity (looking your way, Jenna Richardson)! This is the beautiful game. And knowing what the senior squad is already bringing to the world, their specific level of badassness, well, it's encouraging to know that there's a true fight for the top.

Granted, Argentina was playing a woman short from the early stages. They also suffer from a lack of fitness (the astounding pace of the Canadians had them breathing hard way too soon in a 90-minute game, no?), and--I'm taking a not-so-long shot here, albeit an uninformed one--a lack of funding and development. Argentina played like girls. Canada played like extraordinarily well-prepared professionals. Just how long have these women been playing together? Judging from this first match, it looked like a lifetime.

It's interesting, too, but nothing to make a huge deal over, that a good majority of the squad play their football at U.S. colleges.

So, good times. The Canadians play Norway on Thursday, August 23. Interesting to see if Adriana Leon can put three in the net again. Interesting to see if she can put two in the net again--I don't want you to think I'm asking for too much here. But really, I'm stoked to see if they can keep their momentum against the Scandinavians, who seriously got spanked by the North Koreans in their opening match--and how do you not fight like hell now, if only to prove a point?  Let's see if they can bring similar pain to a European side with a solid history, a true legacy, in the women's game.

Also, short shorts.

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