FIFA U-20 WWC: High Germans and Tattooed Americans

Ready for the Cup? Oh, come on! I'm certain it'll be an entertaining way to end the summer. Plus, it's always good to see who will be destroying the team from your home country in a few years or so. Remember? Two years ago in Germany, we got to see early renditions of Sydney Leroux, Germany's Alexandra Popp and Kim Kulig, and Sweden's Sofia Jakobsson. And now they're seriously tearing up the scene. Watch the U-20 WWC so you can say, I saw them first way back when. 

In preparation of the young ladies' big event, the DFB and U.S. Soccer have been pushing some player profiles, so that you know a few names before you sit down to watch (and I know you will). In fact, U.S. Soccer has a whole blog dedicated to the team and how they're spending their time in Japan, which you can check out here. Google translate is rubbish, as we know, but you can meet Melanie Leupolz, who just looks like trouble in an Inka Grings/Simone Laudehr sort of way (and huge props to anyone who can tell me the difference between "high German" and, I don't know, the "low" kind), and Annabel J├Ąger, who is prone to stress and has "nimble feet." Adorable.

Mark your calendars, okay? The FIFA U-20 WWC starts Sunday, August 19, and you can catch the games on ESPNU and ESPN3. Check the schedule right here.

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