FIFA U-20 WWC: Hot Brazilian Girls Have Tattoos, Hot Italian Girls Get Red Carded Immediately

Brazil's Thais Guedes wishes her teammates
had not eaten the egg salad.
Day 1
Okay, here's where I brag: Hell, yes, this match was a dive fest, as anticipated. I stopped counting genuflection after, oh, I don't know...three...because it wasn't silly-looking anymore. How many hands on faces? How many hands on faces when faces hadn't been subject to injury? Oh, Italy and Brazil! Everyone has your number!

Could Elena Linari's (Italy) first goal of the tournament be the goal of the tournament? Okay, I thought so, since it was reminiscent of so many great goals over the years. But then Brazil's Amanda did some seriously fancy stuff in the box--you know, the whole flick-touch-shoot approach to goal scoring.. So now, I don't know. Now I get to wait and see, with Japan/Mexico on my screen. The tournament has just started, and I'm a day behind already.

Brazil's No. 7, Ketlen, showed some promise early in the second half, yeah? You know, once the game settled, and once the whistles stopped blowing for longer than 15 seconds. Also, I just need to add that all Brazilian girls with tattoos are cute. This has nothing to do with their playing ability, I know, nor their chances in winning the cup. I just wanted to get it out in the open.

Federica Di Criscio was on the pitch for, like, two seconds
maybe, before being shown the red. This photo shows
her reaction, of course, with her hands clearly saying to
the American ref, "What, me worry?"
Also, I was a huge fan of the play in the eighty-sixth minute: that screamer off the foot of Claudia Mauri from the right wing, and what a save—what a Hope Solo-type save!—made by the Brazilian keeper, Daniele.

Day 2
FIFA.com reveals no real surprises today, except for the repetition of the number 4: Ghana 0 - USA 4, Germany 4 - China 0, North Korea 4 - Norway 2. Canada had to be superstars, though, and totally tear a new one in Argentina with six goals to the South American's nil. DVR is nearly bursting at the seams. Bring it on.

Postscript, Day 1: The Japanese team is scary for anyone who isn't Japanese, or fans of their game. In fact, the U-20's were just as stacked as the women's national team, tucking balls high in the corner of the net. Serious composure on that ball, just ridiculous talent. That said, Mexico had a good game, but they were outclassed times a thousand. Looking forward to seeing if they can get a different scoreline against Switzerland.



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