FIFA U-20 WWC: Japanese Promise Many More Years of Bringing the Pain to Your Pitch

The Japanese are rad already, but coach wants them...er..."radder."
Oh, sweet mother of God:
"Japan has won the FIFA Women’s World Cup and Olympic silver medal, but development in this country is still in the process of improving. European teams often have better physical attributes than us, which means we must continually work on our technical skills to combat that disparity."
The Japanese women's game is still improving, according to senior squad coach Norio Sasaki in an article over on, you know, poop.com, "Sasaki: Women’s football is growing exponentially." Now, I had thought their game had improved, and now, like the rest of women's football champions (Hi U.S.! Hi, Germany! And where have you been, Norway?), they'd lie back on their laurels and just coast until they went out, embarassingly in a major tournament, and then decide to restrategize.  But no. The Japanese women are finding other ways to beat their opponents (read: non-Asians) who apply a "power and speed" style. This has been made abundantly clear, has it not? The Japanese women made the biggest splash ever last year at the Women's World Cup in Germany, but still--how exciting is it to think they have a coach that wants more from their already stellar game? Could they possess the ball any better? Could they tuck it in the side netting any deeper?

Ah! I'm excited for this team, for their future, and for what it means for competition in women's football on a global scale.

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