FIFA U-20 WWC: Superstar on Her Second Cap

Not bad for Brazil's Amanda, who scored what could arguably be considered one of the best goals of the tournament thus far. And then I learn that the game versus Italy was her second time on the pitch representing Brazil. And then she and FIFA gets all cute in their interview, with "'Well, it’s the kind of goal that just comes naturally,” joked the 19-year-old, smiling from ear to ear.'" Really? It's almost too much, her story.

But, rest assured, the teams she'll play from here on out (Nigeria next...ouch) with have her number (14!), and she might have to fight a little harder for space in the box. But do take a moment to reader her interview over at FIFA.com ("Amanda savours surprise strike").  It's actually a really good one.

And I didn't know there were sports boarding schools in Germany. Looks like little Jennifer Cramer went to one in Potsdam, which is the home of the mighty Turbine Potsdam (or the used-to-be mighty--where'd Mittag go?), which is where she plays her club football. I also tend to have soft spots for any girl that falls victim to self-criticism and homesickness. Anyway, the DFB.de profiles Jennifer, and with the help of Google translate or your translator of choice, and can read all about her: "Potsdam's Jennifer Cramer: The Silent Constant."

No matches today, so I get to watch Canada rough up Argentina and revel in it.

P.S. US v. Ghana was sort of boring, wasn't it? Eesh.

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