FIFA U-20 WWC: Team USA Pulls It Off (Not Their Shirts)

Team USA brings it to North Korea and everyone goes, "Really?"
Surprising everyone on the planet, Team USA, with some confidence, but assloads of poorly served balls, came out on top of the North Koreans in their quarterfinal match. I did not expect this. I still think it was  a boring game, but that's only because this team does little for me stylistically, and I really anticipated the North Koreans putting them to shame from the get go. That said! Happy to see Team USA go ahead, where, maybe, they'll give the Nigerians a run for their money. Sad for the Koreans, though, who brought a stand full of people that made happy, victorious noises perhaps a little too early.

Note: In an earlier post, I had incorrectly insinuated that the U.S. would meet the Germans in a semifinal. Sadly, this will not happen, since the Germans will have their hands tied (mmm...) with the Japanese, which should be the test of their lives.

I haven't had the chance to watch the match yet, but the Germans clobbered the Norwegians the way the Norwegians club baby seals, just to show them how much that shit hurts. The final score, like you don't know already, was 4-0.

God, I love the Germans.

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