FIFA U-20 WWC: Today, It Begins

In intense preparation for their opening match
against Ghana, the U.S. U-20's play hangman.
Oh, folks. In the very wee hours of today, my time, a world cup tournament kicked off in Japan, and, yes, I was sleeping, and, yes, my DVR was set to capture all the action, so I'm off to that soon. The tournament kicks off with Brazil v. Italy and Japan v. Mexico, and—No! Don't tell me! No spoilers!—I'm looking forward to watching some tomfoolery Brazilian/Italian style (Do kids dive as well as adults? Do they hold their faces while grasping an ankle? Will they look upward, genuflecting and begging for God's blessings when they've missed a shot high and wide? Tune in next time for a full report!). And I've set the intention that the Japan/Mexico game will be quick and tight—precision football. Let's see if my wish came true.

But, I've been lazy today. It would have been a great idea to do a little research and dig up a link to a article that introduces one of the teams that played while many of us were sleeping. No, no—no such luck. So, in preparation for tomorrow's match against Ghana, meet Team USA, U-20 Version! And thanks to the fellas at topdrawersoccer.com for taking time to do what I didn't.

U.S. U20 WNT World Cup Preview

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