FIFA U-20 WWC: Where the Canadian Studs Fall to Tall Blondes

That's right, you cover your face!
What happened, Team of Choice? Sandra D'Angelo comes up huge with her penalty shot shutdown, and Jenna Richardson follows it up with a beautiful goal. This had the makings of a great victory over the Scandinavians!

Then I see, what, via FIFA.com highlight reel: a defense looking lackluster, a keeper nutmegged--Norway's goal. A second great save by D'Angelo, although she looked a bit like a flipper in pinball game. So what. She saved your asses again (score more goals for her!). And then the second goal...the second goal. To the girl who missed the PK? You give her victory like that, let her run up on you? My heart breaks for you, Canada, because you're left to face a pretty scary North Korean side on August 27.

But fear not, little sisters from the north! There's still time to claim victory. North America believes in you! And since Team USA is sorta eh (really, still waiting for that spark), and ESPNU refuses to show me the Germans, you're my pick! Go out there and show the Koreans how pissed you are about giving up this game to a bunch of tall blondes.

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