German Girls Roll on the Pitch to Make You Jealous, Test Your Patience

Hooray for the start of the Frauen Bundesliga season!
Pitch romps for all!
I love German girls who do this, especially ones wearing a kit from the Frauen Bundesliga (I like to pretend a goal hasn't been scored). Okay, I tend to notice German girls in general, because they do amazing things with their tongues when they talk (the same thing goes for the French, but since this isn't about the French, trust that I'll come to them later). But when they can send a curling pass into the 18' and onto the head of another German girl pressing forward, who knocks it into the back of the net? Let's just say I get all crazy and shit.

So, as a fan of Germany's domestic women's league, I like to follow along and see what's up. This is sometimes hard to do, since I'm from the States and speak only English, a touch of Spanish. Google Translate is oftentimes my greatest, most frustrating enemy. But the fine lasses at Our Game Magazine has teamed up with Olaf Goldbecker, who provides his take on the upcoming season here and here. Do check it out, and, come on, folks--prepare your Wolfsburg green.

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