German Soccer Girls Love to Show Their Tits

The Olympics have wrapped, the women's soccer gold handed to Team USA several days ago now. For a short time (literally, for about two hours yesterday), I was a little nervous about what comes next for this blog. Then, on Sunday morning, there was the Community Shield match awaiting me and my tea. Although I do love all those flaming queens in the EPL, and I do love football because it's football (really, any football is good, minus the MLS—Christ almighty, minus the MLS!), my passion lies with the women.

This, I'm sure, does not surprise.

But, alas, I was worrying for no reason, because ESPNU/ESPN 3 will be broadcasting most if not all games from the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup in Japan, starting next weekend. The last tournament in Germany, back in 2010, proved to be just as exciting as the one that followed in 2011—the perfect precursor—but with far younger legs and lots more balls kicked out of bounds. Still, looking very much to following the girls' matches, and so should you, since they are, as Lisa Simpson would say, "the wave of the future."

(Note: I can't seem to confirm whether or not this is the official jersey for the German team this year. It looks right, right? And, god knows, German girls love to tease us with their tits. I love you, German girls, so much.)

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