Yeah, Yeah: It's Time for All of Us to Shut the Hell Up About Hope Solo

Hope Solo: American Keeper in Danger of Becoming Personal Parody

I hope someone wrote a post for bleacherreport.com about concerns with Ochocinco becoming a self-parody, or Dennis Rodman, or Terrell Owens, or LeBron James, or some other athlete with a big mouth and huge ego who likes attention on them always. Who likes the spotlight and making money, even if it's through controversy (I'd imagine it'd be more challenging for a female soccer player to make money this big in the U.S., or anywhere, otherwise, right?). I don't see how Hope is different from any of these men, with exceptional talent, a desire for celebrity and notoriety, and big deposits made to her bank account.

Oh, wait. She does have tits. And so this, of course, makes her a bit of a villain, treading on territory that isn't rightfully hers.

(Psst. Hope's book is No. 3 on the NYT nonfiction best-seller list. This probably means she doesn't mind anyone giving her all this patronizing, sexist crap anyway.)

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