Canadians Are Awesome Because They Don't Care What You Think

If you have a Twitter account, you've seen this video of the uber-awesome members of the Canadian women's soccer national team (Sinclair, McLeod, Tancredi and...uh...Gayle, maybe?). There's been quite a ruckus over it, courtesy of U.S. women's national team fans that have no senses of humor nor appreciation for competitive spirit. Personally, I love this video. No, no--I love the Canadian women's national team because--listen up, folks--not all female athletes subscribe to Ladies Home Journal and speak kindly, in an unbiased manner, while on camera. Thank you, four key players, for reminding all of us about this. Female athletes are athletes and thus are human, and you know we're an unkind species at times, speaking with no filter when we feel like we've been robbed. In fact, if you're a U.S. sports fan--if you're a U.S. anything--words like these should come as no surprise. After all, Americans are famously known for talking shit all day long.

Have a looksy and have a laugh. Life's short, suckers.

otr 2 from speakslow13 on Vimeo.

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