FIFA U-17 WWC: Brazil Pulls One Off Over Mexico, and Did You See Summer Green Working Magic Yesterday Versus Gambia?

True or false: This was an honest-to-goodness foul against Brazil's Leticia,
courtesy of Mexico's Cynthia Pineda, and not an expertly executed dive.
All right! So, the girls in yellow gather three points in their defeat of Mexico, and all I have to say is, Thank God. Thank God in copious amounts of Marta-like praising of God. I never thought I'd say it, but it's good to see an ex-powerhouse show up and remind folks of why they were once powerhouses. Brazil faces New Zealand next, so we'll see just where they finish in the group standings this Sunday.

And did you get to see dubstep badass Summer Green nailing balls into the net in a profound fashion yesterday against Gambia? Do we have another Alex Morgan in the ranks, a striker that will win our hearts with her efficiency as well as her all-American good looks? My guess, right now, is hell yes. Check the highlights, y'all.

The German kids are, as I type, gearing up for their match against China. This should be a very, very good one, so tune into ESPN3 if you can. 

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