FIFA U-17 WWC: FIFA Says Watch Summer Green. I Say, "Okay, All Right."

This is Summer Green. I hope she listens to Burial.
Hey, don't forget! The U-17 Women's World Cup kicks off tomorrow in Azerbaijan, and you can catch some pretty interesting games, courtesy of ESPN3 (check the sched, won't you?). In fact, if you're a Real American, you can peep the kids from the States take on the frisky French. Good stuff.

So, FIFA.com has set the stage for the tournament with its "Favorites in Action Early On" article (and, look! They mention the U.S. v. France match as the one of the day!). Scroll down a bit, and you'll see a nod to U.S. forward Summer Green as the team's "hottest prospect." Intriguing, I found this, so I did a little research--really, very little research, but research nonetheless--and now I'd like to introduce Miss Green to y'all.

She's a Tar Heel already, doing super brainy things to graduate early, and is already making her mark by scoring, scoring, scoring for UNC. The girl loves the beach. She scored a sick amount of goals in a qualifying match against the Bahamas (count 'em, bitches: FIVE). She's capped like crazy. She'd rather starve than eat seafood. She listens to dubstep, and therefore, she's badass. And even though words like these almost guarantee a total tournament fail, U.S. coach Albertin Montoya calls Summer "one the best forwards there is in the U.S."

You're sold, right? Excellent. And now for my final plea: Support the girls from your country of choice. Shit like this matters to kids.

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