FIFA U-17 WWC: The International Fun Ain't Over for 2012 Just Yet, Folks

Heartbreaking, yes, minus the snarky one second from the right.
Oh, look at this! Just when you thought you only had women's college soccer to watch on your television, or Frauen Bundesliga highlights to peep via your crappy Internet connection (if you're me, with my crappy Internet connection, and my unending desire to see an aging Conny Pohlers score again and again and again), let me give you this good news: The U-17 Women's World Cup is kicking off on Saturday, 22 September, way over there in Azerbaijan, and the young lasses from all your favorite football countries will be there. So, click on your telly or sidle up to ESPN3, which will be airing some of the matches at the wee hours of the morning for those of us who are States side. You can, for instance, catch the US versus France and Canada versus Nigeria on the first day of the tournament, and why not? I'm just hoping, you know, that we won't have to witness the French girls cry uncontrollably again because, really, it breaks my heart every time. Does this picture not break your heart?

Crucial sports analysis on Team USA: There are tons of Morgans in the line-up. Could this bode well for the squad?

Three cheers for the next, next generation!

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