FIFA U-17 WWC: North Korea Blows Up Gambia (on the Pitch! on the Pitch!), and North America Settles for Draws

Now, Mexico, I'm sure, might have something to say about North America's settling when they face New Zealand tomorrow, and let's hope they do. However, both the U.S. and Canada decided to fight for a point in Azerbaijan today, and I guess that's better than the opposite if you're a supporter of either team. The good news, though, is that I have photographic proof that the Nigerian kids dance just as hard as the senior squad.


But back to football. North Korea seriously took it to Gambia, again and again and again. Final score? 11-0. Good god almighty, is this team relentless. That said, the North Koreans will be taking on France on Tuesday, 25 September, and we'll see if they can bring similar pain to the European side. I'm fucking terrible at the guessing game, but I'm going to say they'll bring far less.

Tomorrow's fun: Mexico v. New Zealand, Uruguay v. China, Ghana v. Germany, and (match of teh day!) Brazil v. Japan. You can catch these matches on ESPN3, friends.

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